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שישי 23.12.22

Strength :

Weighted Pull Up


Accumulate 65 GHD Back Ex Between Sets Conditioning : Partner WOD

4 Rounds

Partner A- 100m Suitcase Carry

Partner B- Max Wall Ball

200m Run Together + Switch

4 Rounds

Partner A- 100m Plate Waiter's Carry

Partner B- Hollow Hold

200m Run Together + Switch


Strongman : A) 2 Cluster (60/45)

B) 4 Burpees Over Ball

C) 6 Bent Over Row (60/45)

D) 8 Atlas Ball Step Up

E) 10 Daedlift (60/45)

F) 20 Around The World (26/20)

G) 30 Sledge Hammer

H) 40s V- Hold

I) 100m Yoke Carry (Body W.)


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