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שישי 23.6.23

Strength :

Every 1:30 x 8


8 DB Reverse Lunges (alt. L/R each set)

*Scale Up: Deficit

Conditioning: Partner WOD

Row With Keren- 150 wall ball, 1500m row

500m Row

50 Wall Ball

400m Row

40 Wall Ball

300m Row

30 Wall Ball

200m Row

20 Wall Ball

100m Row

10 Wall Ball

1 Partner on rower, 1 Partner on wall ball

Partner Tabata:

1- 2 x Ball Sit Ups

2- 2 x Ball Russian Twist (Alt. Sides Every Round)



Strength :

Bent Over Row


Rest 1-2Min Between Set Condtioning :

EMOM 12Min

Even : 15M Bear Walk With Drag

EMOM 12Min

ODD : 6 Back Squat

Even : 30Sec Weighted Plank

EMOM 12Min

ODD : 30M Unbalanced Farmers walk

Even : 30Sec KB Swings

Rest 3Min Between Set

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